XPEL Satin Paint Protection For An Audi RS7 In Ottawa | Ottawa

XPEL Satin Paint Protection For An Audi RS7 In Ottawa

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XPEL STEALTH Satin Paint Protection In Ottawa

Matte paint or as some call it, satin paint, is a beautiful way to stand out in Ottawa’s car community. However, as good as it looks, it’s also expensive, hard to repair, hard to keep clean, and if you scratch it, you can’t buff it out like you would any other paint. Here is a look at what we’re doing with XPEL paint protection film in Ottawa. This matte gray Audi RS7 is fully protected with XPEL STEALTH on all exterior painted and plastic surfaces. Matte paint is more often than not reserved for expensive luxury vehicles and exotics. Given that matte or satin paint requires a great deal of care to keep it looking good, protecting it is a no-brainer.

Paint Protection Film for Matte Paint

Thoughts will immediately gravitate to paint protection films aka clear bra. However, unlike gloss paint which has a good number of glossy protective film alternatives, matte paint or ‘frozen paint’ from manufacturers such as Audi and BMW needs something more specialized. Matte paint needs protection from a film that will allow the paint to preserve its original satin appearance. That’s where XPEL STEALTH comes in.

XPEL STEALTH satin-finish paint protection film will allow you to keep your satin paint’s original appearance…while also protecting it. This means that if your car is protected with XPEL STEALTH, your matte paint is now no longer susceptible to damage from minor scratches and scuffs, contamination, bird droppings and more. Without the film, all it takes is one day of having a bird dropping on your paint in the sun to damage it forever.

XPEL STEALTH Matte Paint Protection for the Extra Careful

Even if you’re very particular about cleaning and taking care of your custom matte paint, you can’t avoid everything. For example, let’s say you park at the Shopify office in Ottawa at 8:00am. Then, a non-car enthusiast bird leaves a little gift on your satin factory-painted hood just 15 minutes after you walked in. This is when the sun is just starting to heat up. Next thing you know you have an emergency meeting at NeXt in Stittsville around noon. You only come out to lunch at 2pm to see what was on your car for the last 6 hours, in the sun. You get the picture. But, regardless of the potential protection, you don’t want film protection that will eliminate or change the look of your matte paint. If that were the case, you could’ve just chose gloss paint at the dealership in the first place.

XPEL STEALTH protective film looks just like your precious satin paint job. The proof is in the pudding regardless. Just take a look at the car here. This is a brand new 2016 Audi RS7. You can’t consider a $80,000 BMW with satin paint an inexpensive car. This RS7 however, defines expensive at well over half a million dollars. As you can see, XPEL STEALTH paint protection film is perfectly suited for such a car.

Frozen Paint Without the Headaches

If you’re considering a matte paint job but on the fence about it due to how easily the paint can be damaged, worry no further. With XPEL STEALTH, you can have that frozen look you want while not having to worry about the upkeep of matte paint. If this Audi RS7 proves anything, it’s that XPEL STEALTH paint protection film is the ultimate in matte paint protection for any high-end vehicle in the world – Including yours.

Finding the right XPEL Installer is key

The key, of course, is to have a good and reputable shop in Ottawa with years of experience install your XPEL STEALTH paint protection film. The other important point is to use the film to cover the entire vehicle. This will ensure you cannot see any line that will give away that it’s a wrap. If done right and it covers the entire body, only an absolute expert looking closely at the car will be able to point out that it’s a full body clear bra.

The full body paint protection applied to this Audi RS7 was done in-house at Goldwing Autocare in Ottawa, Ontario. The car got the protection it deserved while still looking like it did with the bare matte paint job from the factory.

Additional Benefits Of XPEL STEALTH

There is another very good aspect to XPEL STEALTH paint protection film. You can take any car with a gloss paint job and make it a satin color masterpiece. The vehicles paint will obtain the very same looks as if the car had been painted matte in the first place. Let’s assume you’ve bought a car in a color you like, but it’s not offered in matte. You’d like to keep the same color anyway. Just have it wrapped in XPEL STEALTH. You will be able to keep the color, add unparalleled paint protection and get the satin paint finish you want. Plus, XPEL STEALTH is not like a matte wrap. A regular matte vinyl wrap will still chip from rock impacts and will barely protect the paint below the surface.

The other extraordinary thing about XPEL STEALTH is that unlike paint, the film is self-healing. In the sun, the XPEL STEALTH film will heal and rid itself of minor scratches and scuffs while still retaining the satin look. You have to understand this is something that is a first in the industry. The gloss XPEL heals incredibly well, incredibly impressive to say the least. To have the XPEL STEALTH film heal in much the same way is truly outstanding.


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