Porsche Boxster GTS XPEL Ultimate Installation Video | Ottawa

XPEL Paint Protection Installation Video – Porsche Boxster GTS

XPEL Paint Protection Porsche Boxster GTS
Recently we got a request by a Porsche Boxster GTS owner in London, Ontario to wrap most of his car with XPEL Ultimate paint protection film. After researching and seeing that XPEL Ultimate has self-healing technology and the longest warranty in the industry, he knew that XPEL Ultimate paint protection film would provides the best paint protection for his Porsche. After being sold on the product, he researched XPEL installers in Ontario to see where was the best shop to have the paint protection film installed. That’s when he found us in Ottawa. With more than 20 years of experience and factory-trained XPEL installers, his choice was easy. See the video below for a quick look at the install.
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