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Why We Opt For XPEL Paint Protection Film Over 3M Clearshield

A customer visited our Ottawa-based shop last week and was inquiring about paint protection film for his new Audi S5. He wanted to protect his new car’s front end from the typical road hazards you come across whilst driving in and around Ottawa. After doing some research online his purchase decision came down to two distinctly different, but similar products, Xpel paint protection and 3M Clearshield. “What was the difference?” he asked. This is where we chimed in. With years of experience with both Xpel paint protection film and 3M clearshield, we opted to exclusively use Xpel paint protection films for our paint protection installation services for a number of reasons.  

Ease Of Installation

Ottawa Paint Protection Install - Goldwing Autocare

This demonstrates the tackability and pliability of Xpel Ultimate paint protection film.

Xpel’s line of paint protection films have superior pliability and tackability compared to other clearshield films that allow trained installers greater control when applying the clearshield to the body panels of a vehicle.  

Optical Clarity

Xpel Porsche Clearshield Ottawa Goldwing

The clearshield on this side-view mirror is nearly invisible!

Xpel is the only clearshield paint protection film in the market that can legitimately boast perfectly clear optical clarity over time. Other paint protection films like 3M clearshield are known to yellow, haze, crack, weather, bubble, and score over time leaving the vehicle’s owner with little choice but to replace it well before they imagined they would have needed to do so.  

Self-Healing Technology

Xpel Scratch Car Goldwing

Even a BBQ brush scratch can be healed with Xpel paint protection film.

Another aspect of this paint protection film that appeals to vehicle owners is that it heals when exposed to heat or sunlight to rejuvenate the clear coat of the film. This removes the any minor scratching vehicles receive from stones and swirl marks from washing.  

10 Year Warranty

This is an example of old, weathered 3M Clearshield paint protection film.

This is an example of old, weathered 3M clearshield paint protection film.

The Xpel films carry the longest warranty in the industry that protects owners from any yellowing, staining, cracking, blistering and delaminating. We rarely have customers return for warranties on this product. Goldwing Autocare has a great relationship with the Xpel HQ in the United States and Xpel Canada. We are one the largest installers in Ottawa in terms of volume and we are the only shop in Ottawa to have factory-trained Xpel installers installing the Xpel paint protection film products. Having the factory training allows our installers to take on challenging and unforgiving installs (such as entire vehicles or aftermarket body panels) without issue.
Goldwing Autocare | Xpel Paint Protection Film

Xpel’s HQ in San Antonio, TX

For our latest clearshield paint protection film installs in Ottawa, feel free to check out our gallery or read about the Lamborghini Aventador we wrapped earlier this year.
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