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The Gold Standard in Ottawa Window Tinting and Vehicle Protection

Ottawa's #1 New Car Protection Center
Now that warm weather has finally returned to Ottawa, it is time to get your car ready for comfortable summer driving. And when it comes to keeping a vehicle cool without running gas-sucking air conditioning, nothing beats window tinting.
Think of it as sunglasses for your car.
“There are many good reasons to have your car windows tinted now, using quality XPEL standard and ceramic window films,” said Peter Gard, owner of Goldwing Autocare. Founded in 1994 by Peter and his brother Adam, Goldwing Autocare is Ottawa’s new car preservation authority.

“The first reason for window tinting is protection from cancer-causing ultraviolet (UV) radiation,” said Gard. “Window tinting can prevent up to 99 per cent of damaging UVA and UVB solar radiation from entering a car or truck.”

The second reason is safety. Without film, side car windows shatter into fragments upon impact, raining these fragments onto the driver and passengers alike. With window tinting applied, most of the fragments remain welded to the film, providing an extra degree of protection for everyone inside.

“Window tinting also keeps your car cooler inside, because it blocks most of the infrared heat and the solar energy from the sun,” Gard said. “In turn, the reduced sunlight protects your interior from fading and cracking. Finally, like a great pair of sunglasses, well-done window tinting makes any car or truck look cool.”

To guard your new vehicle’s all-important paint from impact-caused stone chips and scratches, Gard recommends XPEL Ultimate Self-Healing Paint Protection. XPEL is a thin, virtually invisible polyurethane film that protects any vehicle’s high impact painted surfaces from damage. When a rock hits, XPEL’s film disperses the impact energy. This protects the paint underneath from chipping, which prevents rust from forming.

When it comes to XPEL film, Goldwing Autocare is truly the “gold standard” in Ottawa — and they have the industry awards to prove it. At the February 2018 annual XPEL Dealer Conference in San Antonio, Texas, Goldwing Autocare received the Ontario Region XPEL Dealer Of The Year Award for their quality work.

“When it comes to tinting your windows and protecting your paint, Goldwing Autocare is dedicated to doing it right,” said Gard. “Come and see us at our brand new showroom — or take the 360-degree virtual tour — to see how Goldwing Autocare can make your vehicle safer, more comfortable and cooler to look at.”

Goldwing Autocare is located at 48 Colonnade Rd. For more information, call 613-727-7000 or visit
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