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XPEL Satin Paint Protection For An Audi RS7 In Ottawa

Goldwing Autocare - Ottawa's #1 Matte XPEL Stealth Specialists
XPEL STEALTH Satin Paint Protection In Ottawa Matte paint or as some call it, satin paint, is a beautiful way to stand out in Ottawa's car community. However, as good as it looks, it’s also expensive, hard to repair, hard to keep clean, and if you scratch it, you can’t buff it out like you would any other paint. Here is a look at what we're doing with XPEL paint protection film in Ottawa. This matte gray Audi RS7 is fully protected with XPEL STEALTH on all exterior painted and plastic surfaces. Matte paint is more often than not reserved for expensive luxury vehicles and exotics. Given that matte or satin paint requires a great deal of care to keep it looking good, protecting it is a no-brainer. Paint Protection Film for Matte Paint Thoughts will immediately gravitate to paint protection films aka clear bra. However, unlike gloss paint which has a good number of glossy protective film alternatives, matte paint or 'frozen paint' from manufacturers such as Audi and BMW needs something more specialized. Matte paint needs protection from a film that will allow the paint to preserve its original satin appearance. That’s where XPEL STEALTH comes in. [...]
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