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5 Reasons Ottawa’s Cars Should Use Paint Protection Film

Goldwing Autocare - Ottawa's #1 XPEL Paint Protection Specialists
XPEL's clear paint protection film covers the exterior of Ottawa's vehicles and protects them from scratches, stains and chipping. It protects your investment, saving you the time and trouble of repainting or repairing your vehicle’s exterior after minor abrasions. Here are a few reasons why you should contact an experienced XPEL clear bra professional to install paint protection film on your vehicle.In a place where you can expect unexpected weather in the Spring, Ottawa is a city full of road hazards. From potholes to construction debris our vehicles' paint takes a beating every time we take them out for a spin. We've compiled a short list of reasons why we believe it's advisable to have paint protection film installed onto your car in Ottawa. Paint Protection Film Protects Your Vehicles Exterior from Rock Chips, Scratches And Other Debris Frequent and even light driving on Ottawa roads subjects your car to road debris, rocks, and other things that seem to be magnetically pulled to the front of your vehicle causing unavoidable rock chips and scratches. Unless you have paint protection film installed on your vehicle you will undoubtedly begin to see the damage to your vehicle. Protecting your vehicle from damage with paint prot [...]

XPEL Satin Paint Protection For An Audi RS7 In Ottawa

Goldwing Autocare - Ottawa's #1 Matte XPEL Stealth Specialists
XPEL STEALTH Satin Paint Protection In Ottawa Matte paint or as some call it, satin paint, is a beautiful way to stand out in Ottawa's car community. However, as good as it looks, it’s also expensive, hard to repair, hard to keep clean, and if you scratch it, you can’t buff it out like you would any other paint. Here is a look at what we're doing with XPEL paint protection film in Ottawa. This matte gray Audi RS7 is fully protected with XPEL STEALTH on all exterior painted and plastic surfaces. Matte paint is more often than not reserved for expensive luxury vehicles and exotics. Given that matte or satin paint requires a great deal of care to keep it looking good, protecting it is a no-brainer. Paint Protection Film for Matte Paint Thoughts will immediately gravitate to paint protection films aka clear bra. However, unlike gloss paint which has a good number of glossy protective film alternatives, matte paint or 'frozen paint' from manufacturers such as Audi and BMW needs something more specialized. Matte paint needs protection from a film that will allow the paint to preserve its original satin appearance. That’s where XPEL STEALTH comes in. [...]

Tesla Model S P85D Paint Protection Install

Goldwing Autocare - Ottawa's Paint Protection Experts
Over the Summer, we had an influx of new Tesla Model S owners come into our shop looking for XPEL paint protection in Ottawa. This was because of a plethora of reasons. Firstly, our reputation as the number one XPEL paint protection film installer in Ottawa is growing rapidly due to the volume and quality of our work with the clearshield product. Secondly, Tesla owners are some of the most informed and savvy consumers in the automotive market today. They research online and hear from friends who does what best and when "Goldwing Autocare" kept coming up in the conversation, they knew they had to come here. We installed XPEL Ultimate paint protection onto this client's entire Tesla Model S P85D, protecting its paint from any type of wear, scrathes, swirl marks, and stone-chips it could get on our Ottawa roads. XPEL Ultimate was installed onto the front bumper XPEL Ultimate was installed onto the front fenders XPEL Ultimate was installed onto the hood XPEL Ultimate was installed onto the side-view mirrors XPEL Ultimate was installed onto the roof XPEL Ultimate was installed onto the doors XPEL Ultimate was installed onto the side-skirts XPEL Ultimate was installed onto the quarter panels XPEL Ultimate was i [...]
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