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2016 Porsche 911 Carerra 4 GTS XPEL Paint Protection Install

Goldwing Autocare - Ottawa's XPEL Paint Protection Experts
Recently, we had the pleasure of protected a brand-new 2016 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS with XPEL Ultimate, bumper to bumper. That’s right, the entire car was wrapped with paint protection film at our shop in Ottawa. We were contacted by the owner of this Porsche long before he had taken delivery of it. After learning a little bit about paint protection film at the dealer, he knew he needed his car protected. Being the savvy consumer he is, he began to research into the service and found that XPEL Ultimate was the best paint protection film product to protect his Porsche. Through research, the client found that XPEL Ultimate:
  • Has the longest warranty in the paint protection film industry at 10 years against yellowing, cracking, peeling, staining, and hazing.
  • Has self-healing technology, allowing swirl marks, scratches, and small stone-chips to rejuvenate and disappear.
  • Is the most optically clear paint protection film on the market. Unlike other films that yellow or have an “orange peel” effect over time.
He then found that we are the only factory-trained XPEL Ultimate installer in Ottawa, meaning that we are the most informed on the latest products and installation practices concerning XPEL. We are Ottawa’s XPEL paint protection experts. On the day that he took possession of his new Porsche, the client drove to our shop in Ottawa keeping the tachommeter well below 5000 for the initial break-in period. We installed XPEL Ultimate to all of the painted body panels of the car to protect anything and everything that was exposed to the harsh road conditions of Ottawa and road hazard damage like scratches and stone-chips. Parts that were protected with XPEL Ultimate paint protection film include:
  • Front bumper
  • Front fender was wrapped with XPEL clearshield
  • Hood was wrapped with XPEL clearshield
  • Side-view mirrors were wrapped with XPEL clearshield
  • Doors were  wrapped with XPEL clearshield
  • Side-skirts were wrapped with XPEL clearshield
  • Quarter panels were wrapped with XPEL clearshield
  • Trunk was wrapped with XPEL clearshield
  • Rear bumper was wrapped with XPEL clearshield
  • Roof was wrapped with XPEL clearshield

Here are some images of the install:


Finally, here is the finished product:

The client was very thorough in inspecting the car after the service and was very happy about the work we completed. Our XPEL installers are perfectionists that don’t let vehicles out of the shop that they are unhappy with. Every car that comes through our doors gets the same presidential treatment, from Toyota to Porsche. Thinking about getting XPEL Ultimate paint protection for your car? Don’t hesitate, just call us for information and pricing! Goldwing Autocare 48 Colonnade Road, Ottawa 613 727-7000 quotes@goldwingautocare.com
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