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Winter Tire Minus Sizing

Minus Sizing Wheels And Tires For The Winter Season

What Is Minus Sizing For Winter Tires?

OE (Original Equipment) wheel and tire sizes have become larger and wider for sharper aesthetics and increased performance over the past few years. Unfortunately, these aesthetic and performance-based packages are not ideal for winter driving and can make the purchase of winter tires an expensive endeavor. So if you’re likely to drive your vehicle in the snow during the winter in Ottawa this year, you’ll want winter tires and wheels in sizes that help grip in deep snow conditions and cost less. Minus sizing means using smaller wheels with narrower, higher profile tires. By doing so, tires are better able to grip in deep snow conditions. In addition, higher profile tire sizes feature taller sidewalls and smaller diameter wheels that resist damages associated with winter road hazards. The cost of minus sized winter wheel and tire packages are usually lower than a package in your vehicle’s OE wheel and tire sizing.
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Minus Sizing Example for Winter Tires

Example Of Minus Sizing

The above diagram shows an example of minus sizing.  As you can see a vehicle that came with a 225/45R17 can safely use a 205/55R16 winter tire and in some cases can use a 195/65R15 winter tire.  How small of a wheel you can use depends on the size of the braking system on the vehicle.  To find out what your minus sizing options are for your vehicle please contact us.

Benefits Of Minus Sizing

  • Cost efficiency
  • Deep snow traction

Consult Us

Our wheel and tire consultants can determine you and your vehicle’s options for OE and minus-sized winter wheel and tire packages. We can take you through the options and advise what will work best for you, your vehicle, and your wallet.
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