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Get A Grip: Tesla On Slick Tires?

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Last week this Twitter user got really mad to see not all EV drivers take good care of their cars. While we also like to think that all Teslas in Ottawa have mindful owners, the truth is a lot of vehicle owners can be negligent or unaware of maintenance required by their vehicle.

“In 100% of normal driving situations, your tires are the only part of your vehicle that should be touching the road.”

When driving an exciting electric vehicle like a Tesla in Ottawa. it’s easy to overlook simple things like checking your vehicle’s tire tread. If you couldn’t tell already, this Tesla Model X isn’t driving on slicks; rather its tires should have been replaced months ago. A perfect storm has sprung for Tesla owners in Ottawa, the combination of electric vehicle ownership and manufacturer-provided tires will have tons of Ottawa Teslas looking for new tires in Spring 2020.


Don’t let your Tesla tires wear down to these levels! Talk to a Tesla tire expert in Ottawa today.


Electric Vehicles

Let’s face it; Teslas and electric vehicles just move different than your general internal combusiton engine vehicle! With torque-on-demand, EV owners can get used to exhilerating response they can ask of electric engines. This extra demand to the tires during acceleration can induce added wear. With many 2017 and 2016 Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X in Ottawa requiring new All-Season Tires or Summer Tires in Spring 2020.

Manufacturer-Provided Tires

When you buy a Tesla in Ottawa or other electric vehicle brand-new. It typically comes with the tires! These tire models are typically developed with its intended vehicle purpose and meeting value thresholds. Tires are rarely a one-fits-all for all driving styles and by listening to Ottawa Tesla Tire client feedback, we have developed a tremendous knowleage base for the best reccomendations for tires for Tesla in Ottawa.

We have heard from Tesla owners that their first set of tires wore particularly fast. At Goldwing we can match your vehicle, driving environment, and driving habits to one particular tire over another.


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Most tires in Ottawa start with about 11-12/31″ tread. As you accelerate, drive, and stop, the rubber of the tire wears to lesser levels. As the amount of tread decreases, so does performance, especially in slick conditions! Most tires in Ottawa have tread “wear bars” that indicate 3mm or otherwise should be replaced. This tire guide helps visualize what the tread levels are. If you need help measuring Tire Tread of your tires in Ottawa, use a tread depth monitor or just stop by our Ottawa Tire Shop in Nepean.


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A properly inflated tire will prevent unusual treadwear. Check the plaquard on the inside of the driver’s door for the manufacturer-reccomended tire air pressure (PSI). We actually wrote a whole peice about the causes and consequences of improper tire pressure in Ottawa tires here.


Goldwing Autocare's signature showroom is centrally-located on Colonnade Road between Merivale and Prince Of Wales in Ottawa.

Your Tesla should never be driven to the point where it has “slicks” for tires. Stop by our friendly Tire Store for reccomendations on tires that match your drving needs and habits. We’ve been well trusted in Ottawa for 25 years, servicing thousands of cars for all their new car needs from tires, wheels, and window tint to an industry leader in XPEL paint protection film installation. We’re convienently located for Ottawa Drivers in Nepean, centre of Ottawa’s quickly growing subdivision communities.


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