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Earlier This Month Peter and Andrew from our team traveled down to San Antonio, Texas for the annual XPEL Dealer Conference. The conference itself was multi-faceted, featuring prominent sales and paint protection speakers from across North America. We were also joined by shops and installers from Germany, Japan, Sweden, and China! The event was a ton of fun for our team and we were happy to make a few important connections with other professional Canadian XPEL film installers from across the Country. A Great Experience The weekend was just as informative as it was an opportunity to share with others our installation, marketing, and customer-service expertise. A few take-away tid bits we learnt: Most XPEL dealers are either entirely retail or entirely wholesale, few incorporate both B2B and B2C into their business model The social media tool most used by installers and installation centers is Instagram Live feeds of installation bays are becoming more and more popular as a passive marketing strategy The Competition At the XPEL Dealer Conference our head installer, Andrew was invited to participate in two XPEL installation competitions. The competitions involved both the XPEL Ultimate paint protection film and [...]

Window Tinting In Ottawa

Goldwing Autocare - Ottawa's #1 Window Tinting Service
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Where To Get Your Windows Tinted In Ottawa Whether you’re only interested in keeping the sun and heat out, or concerned with privacy on the road or when parked, installing window tint film to your car’s windows is a preferred necessity in Ottawa, and is the most popular modification new vehicle owners do to their cars, second only to Weathertech Mats. At Goldwing Autocare, we have plenty of window tinting experience in Ottawa. Collectively our full-time tinters have more than 50 years of window tinting experience and can confidently say they've tinted over 1000 cars currently driving in and around Ottawa. Reduce Glare & UV Exposure Our Ottawa XPEL Car Window Tinting Services can control the glare that usually present in the cars side windows. In addition, cutting down the glare in your car can prevent eyestrain and fatigue on longer drives, decreasing your chances of an accident. However, if it’s your porcelain skin that you’re worrying about, all of our window films guarantee to filter out 99.9% of UV light. Reducing the Temperature Making sure to moderate the heat and UV radiation that enters your car can add some serious life to the interior by keepi [...]

Tinting Your Windows In The Winter

Goldwing Autocare - Ottawa's Winter Window Tinters
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The phones are a little quieter this month as it's our slow season, but every once in awhile when it rings, a popular question we're getting from our customer is: "Can you tint my windows even though it's Winter?" We get this question from our customers in Ottawa a lot throughout the Winter months. It's the middle of winter right now and the temperature is well below -15 °C on a good day. Maybe you just got some Christmas money and you can now afford window tinting or maybe you just bought a new car and are thinking about getting some privacy or protection from the sun's UV heat. Most window tinters cannot accommodate tinting windows in the Winter. Window tint film is extremely temperature sensitive, even a few degrees below room temperature makes installation more difficult and can result in a poor quality tint job. The truth is, you can definitely get your windows tinted in the Winter at Goldwing Autocare. In fact, we tint more than 5 cars a day this time a year. It's the slow season for this type of service but it's still requested and still gets done. The window tinting facilities at our shop in Ottawa have been designed with Winter in mind. We have heated, sanitary window tint installation bays to facilit [...]
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