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5 Holiday Car Gift Ideas 2017

Goldwing Autocare - Ottawa's Car Enthusiast HQ
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This is the time of year when gift-shopping goes into hyperdrive. You're making sure you've got the best gifts for your friends and family; but what do you get the guy or gal that already has everything? Well, if they're into cars we think we can help in that department. Below, we've compiled a shortlist of our best car gift ideas for this holiday season. 1. WeatherTech FloorLiners

Nobody likes cleaning salt stains from their vehicle's carpet in the Spring, why not save them the hassle? WeatherTech's laser-measured mats does just that by perfectly lining the sub-floor of nearly any vehicle. This prevents water, slush and snow from ever touching the carpet. These are our top-selling floor mats and most of our own staff use them all year 'round.

2. Window Tinting Gift Certificate Nobody likes driving in a "fishbowl" where other drivers can easily see into their car and in the Summer, ambient heat can make it hot in the driveway or parking lot. Window tint can alleviate both of these issues, and more! We carry two types of window tint film here at our shop in Ottawa.

2017 Season Closing BBQ Car Meet

Goldwing Autocare - Ottawa's Car Enthusiast HQ
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2017 Season Closing BBQ Car Meet

Over the weekend we welcomed The Greasy Fix to host their season closer car meet for 2017 in our back parking lot. Although planning time was short, both teams pulled off an incredible little event. Enticed with free food and a $200 raffle, cars from near and far came to enjoy the meet; one crew came all the way out from Montreal to join in the fun! Thanks again to all of the car spotters and photographers that stopped by.

Below we've cataloged some of the coverage from the meet from some of Ottawa's finest automotive photographers. @THEGREASYFIX The Greasy Fix is a community of Enthusiasts, Artists, Engineers, and Techs. Their passion is more than just an obsession, it's a lifestyle. They've uploaded their coverage here. @MOUNTMEDIAFILMS Mount Media is an Ottawa-based car related page and YouTube channel, covering meets and events all around [...]
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