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It’s been a long, hard winter and, just like we all need a little sunshine and warmth to revitalize and refresh, our cars could use some TLC to carry us through spring, summer and fall. That’s where Goldwing Autocare comes in. Like a spa for your car, Goldwing has the wheels and tires, the perks and products to give your drive that new-car look and feel — and preserve it. For 25 years, Goldwing has been Ottawa’s one-stop shop for wheels, tires, window tinting, paint protection film, accessories and more. “A lot of people will buy or order their car in the spring, then come see us and assemble what they want done to protect it,” says owner Peter Gard who, along with brother Adam, launched the business in 1994. Whether it’s window tinting to protect yourself and your car’s interior, or paint protection film to prevent flying debris from scratching and chipping your car’s finish, Goldwing is the place for new-car protection and seasonal upgrades. Goldwing carries all major brands and styles of high-performance tires for virtually any consumer vehicle. They also have hundreds of wh [...]

Advice from the expert: 5 things you need to know to get your car ready for winter

Goldwing Autocare Helps Ottawa Drivers Get Ready For Winter

As winter creeps ever closer, experienced car owners know it’s important to get their vehicles ready for the snowy season. Peter Gard, the owner of Goldwing Autocare, an Ottawa wheel and tire specialty store, offers these expert tips on preparing your car for the months ahead:

Install winter tires
It might seem like a no-brainer to install winter tires for when roads are at their slickest, but Gard says lots of drivers hold out until they see snow and ice for the first time, but by then it’s too late. He says that tires need to be switched over when the temperature hits +7 Celsius. His rule of thumb is to do it within a week or two of Halloween. With more than 1,500 sizes of tires and hundreds of models on the market, Gard suggest car owners consult with Goldwing or other tire professionals to be “the tour guide through the

Choosing Between A Roof Rack And A Roof Box

Ottawa's Thule Snowsport Rack Expert
Roof Rack Vs. Roof Box

A debate we hear in our Ottawa showroom is often whether a exposed roof rack or an enclosed cargo carrier is best to carry your Winter snowsport gear. While there is no easy answer, we're laying out some pros and cons to each snowsport carrying solution so you can make an informed decision in selecting your rack system. The most popular brand of snowsport rack we carry is Thule so we'll be keeping this blog post pertaining to that brand only. For our take on other makes that we carry such as Yakima, Sport-Rack, and Rhino Rack, just call or visit the shop and ask!

Rooftop Ski Racks Sportracks that attach to crossbars are the most accessible and affordable form of snowsport racks. These often require model-specific Thule foot-kits to attach directly to your vehicle's roof. These racks cater to both skis and snowboards so your entire family can take their gear to the mountains, without the mess in the back seats. Our premier product in this line is the Thule Snowpack L. Pros: These are versatile and are suitable for hauling a wide range of equipment. Mounts are available that ca [...]
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