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It’s been a long, hard winter and, just like we all need a little sunshine and warmth to revitalize and refresh, our cars could use some TLC to carry us through spring, summer and fall. That’s where Goldwing Autocare comes in. Like a spa for your car, Goldwing has the wheels and tires, the perks and products to give your drive that new-car look and feel — and preserve it. For 25 years, Goldwing has been Ottawa’s one-stop shop for wheels, tires, window tinting, paint protection film, accessories and more. “A lot of people will buy or order their car in the spring, then come see us and assemble what they want done to protect it,” says owner Peter Gard who, along with brother Adam, launched the business in 1994. Whether it’s window tinting to protect yourself and your car’s interior, or paint protection film to prevent flying debris from scratching and chipping your car’s finish, Goldwing is the place for new-car protection and seasonal upgrades. Goldwing carries all major brands and styles of high-performance tires for virtually any consumer vehicle. They also have hundreds of wh [...]

Car Paint Scratch Repair In Ottawa

Goldwing Autocare is Ottawa's Paint Correction and Car Polishing Experts
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AUTOMOTIVE PAINT IS HARD TO KEEP PERFECT WITHOUT PAINT CORRECTION We've all been there. Whether it was coming out of Loblaws on Baseline with groceries or leaving the Sens game at the Canadian Tire Centre, upon getting to your vehicle you notice a nasty scratch, scuff, or dent that you swore wasn't there earlier. A quick scan of the vehicles surrounding you makes it clear whoever damaged your vehicle got out of there before you returned, without a note no less! This is all too common for Ottawa's vehicle owners. "Will that scratch buff out?" Now over the years, your vehicle's paint gets abused from any manner of things, heck, even hand-washing your car can give it micro-scratches view-able in direct sunlight. So what to do? MOST COMMON PAINT DEFECTS SCRATCHES & MARRING STAINS & ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE HOLOGRAPHICS & SWIRLS STONE CHIPS & ROAD DAMAGE If you've left your vehicle's paint unprotected it has likely become hazy, scratched, stained, or faded and you should look into Paint Correction services. Paint correction is the application of a series of compounds [...]
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 Now that warm weather has finally returned to Ottawa, it is time to get your car ready for comfortable summer driving. And when it comes to keeping a vehicle cool without running gas-sucking air conditioning, nothing beats window tinting.
Think of it as sunglasses for your car. “There are many good reasons to have your car windows tinted now, using quality XPEL standard and ceramic window films,” said Peter Gard, owner of Goldwing Autocare. Founded in 1994 by Peter and his brother Adam, Goldwing Autocare is Ottawa’s new car preservation authority.

“The first reason for window tinting is protection from cancer-causing ultraviolet (UV) radiation,” said Gard. “Window tinting can prevent up to 99 per cent of damaging UVA and UVB solar radiation from entering a car or truck.”

The second reason is safety. Without film, side car windows shatter into fragments upon impact, raining these fragments onto the driver and
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