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When Should I Install My Winter Tires In Ottawa?

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When Winter Tires Should Be Installed In Ottawa The kids are back in school, the leaves are a'changing, and the mornings are now crisp with frost. It's not Summer anymore and our customers are asking us "When should I put my Winter tires on?". This is a great question we seem to get every year, and the answer is always the same! GENERAL RULE OF THUMB FOR OTTAWA WINTER TIRES The general rule of thumb is that between Thanksgiving and Easter, you’ll need Winter Tires installed. These Holidays mark the start and end of when it’s likely that the temperature will regularly be at or below 7°C.

Goldwing Autocare has been Ottawa's one-stop shop for Winter tires since 1994!

BE PREPARED FOR 7°C Across all of the major brands, Winter Tires have been specially designed for better handling, traction and braking distances in any condition when the temperature dips below 7°C. Winter tires allow for Ottawa drivers to be prepared for not just cold weather, but the snow, slush, freezing rain, and ice that are part and parcel of Ottawa's Winters. The dedication of tire manufacturers to create, redesign, and improve a wide select [...]

Ottawa 2019 Winter Tire Rebates

Goldwing Autocare - Ottawa's #1 Winter Tire Dealer
2017-winter-tires ottawa-winter-tires-2017
OTTAWA 2019 WINTER TIRE REBATES Below you can find all the 2019 Winter tire rebates arranged by brand. At Goldwing, we carry all top brands of Winter tires in Ottawa and have the experience to install them on all types of cars. You can get any Winter tire you like below ordered for you and installed at Goldwing Autocare in Ottawa. OTTAWA YOKOHAMA WINTER TIRE REBATES

Yokohama is a world leader in high quality, long lasting, high performing tires. A set of Yokohama tires equips a vehicle with the latest developments in technology, enhances a driver’s control over their vehicle and provides excellent active safety and driving satisfaction.


Toyo Tires has been producing high quality tires for Canadians since 1982, and they’ve been creating innovative and technologically advanced tires internationally for over seven decades. With origins in Japan, Toyo Tires have become very popular with on and off-road racers, testing the products in the most extreme conditions. Toyo is also known uniquely for testing and devel [...]

Get A Grip: Summer Tires Vs. All-Season Tires In Ottawa

Learn from Ottawa's #1 Car Tire Retailer And Expert Tire Installers
ALL-SEASON VS. HIGH-PERFORMANCE SUMMER TIRES It's officially Summer, and one question our customers are asking us is "What's the difference between Summer tires and All-season tires?". A valid question considering more new cars are forgoing all-season tires and come with brand new Summer tires, especially on sport or touring vehicle models. While there are some big differences between the two, its the subtle differences you may not notice that actually count the most. We'll get into it nice and easy here on out. Want the TLDR? (Too Long, Didn't Read)The down n' dirty of it is that all-season tires perform better in the shoulder months of the Spring and Fall, while high-performance summer tires will track best in the *surprise surprise* Summer. When it comes to longevity, you can put money on the all-seasons for outlasting the summers kilometer for kilometer.Goldwing Autocare has been Ottawa's one-stop shop for All-Season tires and Summer tires since 1994! DIFFERENCE #1 | TREAD PATTERN ALL-SEASON TIRES The first visible difference you will notice between all-season and summer tires is the tread pattern. This is the pattern of grooves, blocks, and siping that make up the contact patch of a tire. On most all-season ti [...]
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