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Get A Grip: Tesla On Slick Tires?

Learn from Ottawa's #1 Tesla Tire Sales And Install Experts
IS THIS TESLA ON SLICKS? Last week this Twitter user got really mad to see not all EV drivers take good care of their cars. While we also like to think that all Teslas in Ottawa have mindful owners, the truth is a lot of vehicle owners can be negligent or unaware of maintenance required by their vehicle. "In 100% of normal driving situations, your tires are the only part of your vehicle that should be touching the road." When driving an exciting electric vehicle like a Tesla in Ottawa. it's easy to overlook simple things like checking your vehicle's tire tread. If you couldn't tell already, this Tesla Model X isn't driving on slicks; rather its tires should have been replaced months ago. A perfect storm has sprung for Tesla owners in Ottawa, the combination of electric vehicle ownership and manufacturer-provided tires will have tons of Ottawa Teslas looking for new tires in Spring 2020.Don't let your Tesla tires wear down to these levels! Talk to a Tesla tire expert in Ottawa today. A RECIPE FOR NEW TESLA TIRES IN OTTAWA Let's face it; Teslas and electric vehicles just move different than your general internal combusiton engine vehicle! With torque-on-demand, EV owners can get used to exhilerating response they can ask of e [...]

Can I Tint My Window In The Winter?

Learn From Ottawa's Window Tint Experts With More Than 25 Years Window Tinting In Ottawa
Can I Tint My Windows In The Winter? We get it. It's wet, it gets dark at 4PM, and more than anything else, it's cold as heck! Winter is once again here in Ottawa and while its nice to have the Holidays, there's not much to look forward to again until the big melt. But warmth is still months away and our customers are calling in asking "Is it too cold to tint my Windows?". While that certainly is the case if we tinted outdoors, the temperature-controlled environment of our Window Tinting shop in Ottawa is specifically designed for us to tint cars all year 'round. We have been tinting windows in Ottawa since 1994, that's 25 years ago now. Over the years, we've been asked this question countless times. And while other Window Tinting stores in Ottawa may turn you away, our full-time installers prepare and tint vehicles so they leave with a perfect window tint, every time no matter the weather. GENERAL RULE OF THUMB FOR OTTAWA WINTER WINDOW TINT The cold weather doesn't inhibit our Window Tinting services in the Winter, however, there is something to keep in mind. Window Tinting is applied to windows via a wet application method. This means that once installed, there is going to be moisture between the window pane and t [...]
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