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2018 XPEL Dealer Conference

Earlier This Month

Peter and Andrew from our team traveled down to San Antonio, Texas for the annual XPEL Dealer Conference. The conference itself was multi-faceted, featuring prominent sales and paint protection speakers from across North America. We were also joined by shops and installers from Germany, Japan, Sweden, and China! The event was a ton of fun for our team and we were happy to make a few important connections with other professional Canadian XPEL film installers from across the Country.

xpel-ottawa hoodfilm-ottawa
Our team arrived onto the site of the conference extra early, around 7AM

A Great Experience

The weekend was just as informative as it was an opportunity to share with others our installation, marketing, and customer-service expertise. A few take-away tid bits we learnt:

  • Most XPEL dealers are either entirely retail or entirely wholesale, few incorporate both B2B and B2C into their business model
  • The social media tool most used by installers and installation centers is Instagram
  • Live feeds of installation bays are becoming more and more popular as a passive marketing strategy

The Competition

At the XPEL Dealer Conference our head installer, Andrew was invited to participate in two XPEL installation competitions. The competitions involved both the XPEL Ultimate paint protection film and the new XPEL Prime XR window tint products. Participants were challenged to install products, on increasingly difficult panels/windows, under a time constraint.

XPEL Window Tinting

In the window tinting challenge, the competitors were to install XPEL Prime XR window film onto two side windows of a Volkswagen Beetle in under six minutes. Our team made it through the first and second round but was knocked out in the semi-finals due to two last-second point deductions.

XPEL Paint Protection

The paint protection film challenge involved our installer to take on a Toyota 4Runner, widely known in the industry as one of the more difficult vehicles to install on, due to its long curves and large panels. In the first round, Andrew was to install a full fender of XPEL Ultimate onto the vehicle in under six minutes. After installing a flawless fender piece, Andrew was given the same time but to wrap the vehicle’s front hood with the material with the same time constraint.

This is where the separation between intermediate and professional installer became clear. Our install ended up being perfectly scored while some other participants were having trouble with only >50% of the kit installed.

The final test of these pros was now to wrap the Toyota 4Runner’s front bumper, in under thirty minutes. This was no easy feat as in a real world scenario most shops require a half day to perform similar work. Pressing for time, Andrew completed the front bumper under the allotted time limit and received 3rd Place in the Paint Protection Film Installation category at the XPEL Dealer Conference.

This means that our shop is considered #1 in Ontario and #3 worldwide in expertise and installation of XPEL ULTIMATE and XPEL STEALTH paint protection film!

Ontario Region XPEL Dealer Of The Year

We are very proud and feeling accomplished to have received the Ontario Region Dealer Award. This award goes to exemplary XPEL installation centers who bring extreme expertise and customer-service to the forefront of their business. We now rank #1 for XPEL paint protection film installations in Ontario and this means that we are the best XPEL paint protection film installer in Ottawa and best XPEL window tinter in Ottawa!

xpel-ottawa clearbra-ottawa hoodfilm-ottawa ottawa-clearbra

#3 XPEL Paint Protection Film Installer Worldwide

xpel-ottawa ottawa-clearbra ottawa-best-window-tint

See You Next Year San Antonio!

We will definitely be doing this again.

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